Experience Health, Inc. - Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan, DC, QNCP

Experience Health!
Providing wholistic care and hope 
to those in need
 utilizing traditional and cutting edge techniques in the fields of
Wholistic Chiropractic
Quantum Neurology TM,
Natural Medicine & Energy Medicine
Medicinal Embryonic Phytotherapy (Plant Stem Cell therapy)

The office is in Woodinville.  Please call or email for the address.
We do distance/skype consultations!!!!!

These are the type of patients we accept in our practice:
-those who have felt dismissed by previous practitioners and want to be truly heard
-those who have a positive mindset and attitude and know that attitude is half the battle
-those who are willing to follow the steps and take the actions to build health
-those who are committed to their own successful results
-those who are open and willing to adopt new concepts and ideas to achieve optimal health
-those who realize healing is a journey, not a destination

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