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Dr. Elizabeth’s Tips for Getting Through ‘Cold and Flu Season”
1.    Hydration- add Lyte Balance (1-2 capfuls, 2 times a day based on your need) and a high quality citrus oil of your choice to water daily.  Herbal teas are great too.
2.    Nutrition-low carb./sugar 1-2 cups homemade bone broth daily, lots of clean protein and fat, nothing artificial, no GMOs.
3.    Good rest- at least 8 hours of sleep (turn off wi fi- no cell phones on!)
4.    Get regular chiropractic adjustments- boost immune system!
5.    Watch your stress levels- don’t over do things, take on too much…fall, winter is a time for us to go more inward, and reflect…like Nature does.
6.    Watch your thoughts- don’t buy into all the media hype of the season! 
7.    Hygiene- wash hands frequently but not with OTC ‘antibacterial soaps” which have chemicals in them that mess with your hormones AND your gut flora.  We use an toxin free soap and hand sanitizer.
Product Recommendation
1.    Adequate Vit D- so important for immune system- I tend to like Designs for Health Emmusli D (drops) and the Vit D Complex (as it has ALL the fat soluble vitamins in it.)
2.    Probiotics- both from food (kombucha, fermented veggies, kefir, etc) AND probiotics.  My favorite brands are Klaire Labs, Standard Process, Designs for Health, and Doctor’s Research.
3.    Herbal Immune Support- Favorite product by far is PSC Arresto Prevento.  See additional handout about that.  Other winners are Standard Process Congaplex (& chewable) Doctor’s Research Conga-Immune, and Wellness Formula from Source Naturals.  Traditional Medicinals Teas are also nice.  And Protective Blend Softgels are great.
4.    Safe Care Rx and PCHF Flu Nosode- homeopathic ‘flu shot” stimulated body’s natural immunity against the current year’s projected flu strains…can also be used upon exposure and treatment of symptoms. ( We also have pneumonia and RSV nosodes available.)
5.    Other homeopathy- Homeopathy- which is a whole branch of medicine itself, can be used to prevent and treat symptoms as well.  While herbs, oils and supplements are broad spectrum in their approach, homeopathy works best when it is narrowed down by the most minute and specific details of the patient’s complaints.  My favorite cell salt book is “Natural Healing with Cell Salts” by Dr. Skye Weintraub- and I think this book is a must for every household- it will get you through a lot.  Cell Salts are easy to find and inexpensive.  A good Family homeopathy type book is good for figuring out homeopathic remedies, if you wish to use single remedies.  If you want to try combination remedies (where many homeopathic remedies are in one product- the body ‘picks’ the ones it needs and ignores the rest) my favorite product line is Safe Care RX.  They have hundreds of remedies- cold and flu, acute viro, cough control, etc…so it’s easy to pick what you need and they are very easy to administer- they are in a water base too- which is nice.  Great for babies!!!! Have used this product line for almost 14 years now!
7.    Other herbs- PSC Broncho Modulato, Hornbeam and Sinus Eliminato…Herb Pharm or Medi Herb Golden Seal and Pau D ‘Arco.
My routine for PREVENTION
All The Basics
Arresto Prevento 10-15 drops 3 times a day
Protective Blend on feet am and PM
Flu Nosode for prevention (dosed 1 time a week)
My usual supplement protocol
Diffuse oils daily and nightly
My kid’s routine- same as above- but 5 drops 2-3 times a day of Arresto Prevento.
My newborns routine will be via my breast milk…but I will rub in the Flu Nosode transdermally.  And I’ll do Vit D drops.
Health to you!

Dr. Elizabeth

With the winter season approaching, it also means the coming of the common cold and flu season. 
When you experience the onset of the common cold or flu, you need something that is going act quickly, effectively, and without side effects.  That is where Arresto-Prevento PSC complex comes in.  When you are struck with a cold or flu, you do not want to only abate the symptoms, but get rid of it all. Time is of essence - if you have to go and purchase it, it is already too late by the time you get hold of this complex; everyone should have a bottle in his or her home pharmacy.
This complex has a two-fold effect – it does not just help to minimize symptoms but also greatly reduce the severity and duration, just like that of Tamiflu at one tenth of the price. 
As a preventative: Adults (Ages 15 and up) take 15 drops 3 times daily 15-30 minutes before each meal into ¼ cup filtered or spring water. For those with a weakened immune system take 25 drops 3 times daily.
Children age 5 & under -5 drops 3 times a day            Children ages 5-15 dose 5 -15 drops
Flu Treatment
At the onset of any symptoms, immediately (and for the first 48 hours) take: 15 drops every hour either directly under the tongue or into a little water. This is done 10 to 12 times daily. On the third day take as needed 15 drops 3 to 4 times daily until symptoms are completely gone. Children can do 5-10 drops hourly, based on severity of symptoms.
Do not be in a rush to discontinue too quickly so you may prevent relapsing.  
You may want to add BRONCHO MODULATO to help prevent colds from settling in the chest. It is also good for prevention and treatment of coughs, bronchitis, asthma, etc.
Dose of BRONCHO MODULATO- Adults 15- 30 drops 3-6 times a day.  Half the dose for children.  Can be taken every hour for aggressive coughs.
Add SINUS ELIMINATO if issues tend to end up as sinus infections, 20-30 drops, 3-4 time daily.
HORNBEAM 3-9 drops as needed- is excellent for nasal congestion.
If there is a suspicion or fear of secondary bacterial infection- add Herb Pharm, Medi Herb or other high quality goldenseal- 30-50 drops 3-4 times a day- we have other tablet/capsule options as well.

These drops are best done in some water, herbal tea, or diluted juice.  It is best to sip the mixture, and to do it 30 minutes before meals (or on empty stomach) as best as you can.  When doing frequent doses, just get it in!

The use of drainage remedies either PSCs or Liquesences) is highly recommended when using nosode attenuations.  Drainage remedies enhance the excretion of pathogens and related toxins from the body.  PSC ARRESTO PREVENTO is recommended for daily use to help boost the immune system. gj
Note- Pediatric Dose is ½ adult dose.
General recommendation is 10-15 drops once a week to once a month.
If exposure is certain, dosage recommendation is 10 drops, 1-3 times daily.
In the event one contracts the condition and the symptoms are immediate or severe, increase the dose to 10-15 drops every 15 minutes for up to 3 hours.  When symptoms improve or are mild to moderate, dose every hour for up to 8 hours.
When symptoms last longer than 48-72 hours, dose as listed on bottle, generally 10 drops 3 times daily.  Do this until all symptoms are gone.  Then, do not dose for 7-10 days, and repeat again as long as the threat remains.  Or you could go back to the weekly dose at this point.

Nosode may be administered directly under the tongue, or diluted in water.  To evaporate the alcohol, add drops to hot water, and let sit for 10 minutes before taking.  Homeopathic remedies are best done away from food (with the exception of dosing frequently- then just get it in!!!)

Essential Oils

Protective Blend Softgels for immune support
1-2 every 3-4 hours you are awake

Immune Support
Protective Blend, Lemon, Frankincense, Oregano Melaleuca and Arbor Vitae, equal parts in a rollerbottle to half point, top with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil) apply to feet every 2 hours.
for Respiratory Support- start with Respiratory Blend.
Fever- lavender and peppermint on back of neck every 15 minutes or as needed.  Dilute for little ones.

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