Experience Health, Inc. - Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan, DC, QNCP
 Announcing the purest line of Plant Stem Cell Nutrition ever to be sold in the US
It is with great pleasure we present Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™ for distribution in North America.  PSC, after some thirty-five years of painstaking research in the field of gemmotherapy, has imported from Italy 100% organic plant stem cell extracts. It will be the most extensive collection imported to date and will include specially formulated complex combinations, as well as individual buds and mother tinctures.
PSC, after studying with Dr. Max Tetau, who originally brought gemmotherapy to the United States from France in 1970, continued research with embryonic plant material, departed from the homeopathic dilutions and instead worked with concentrated embryonic plant extracts. Due to the far reaching applications and results achieved over the years, PSC distinguished the findings from those of the original homeopathic studies.
PSC also departed from the term “gemmotherapy” and has named the use of the new dynamic concentrations, “Plant Stem Cell Therapy”. PSC states, “The term captures more accurately the phyto-chemical constituents and regenerative powers of the concentrated bud extracts.”
PSC has partnered with one of the foremost Italian manufacturers of concentrated 100% embryonic plant material, Forza Vitale, to bring to the US and Canadian markets some of the purest materials in existence today. They are presented under the private label, PSC Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™.
Why Is Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™ Superior?
Most manufacturers of embryonic plant tissue harvest plants within the very short time frame of two months.  Within this time frame all plants are harvested, even though it may not be the optimal time for the individual plant species. As a result, the buds harvested contain additional plant material, such as the cataphylls (scales of the bud) and/or parts of the branch bark. These plant materials are non-embryonic and high in tannins.  Tannins prevent absorption of many vitamins and minerals, as well as other phyto-chemicals contained within the bud. This can result in a weakened finished product that may require larger doses to reach the desired effect.
Forza Vitale wild harvests at optimal, peak time and are 100% embryonic, to ensure maximum nutritional value.
Another superior aspect is organic certified grape alcohol, which is 100% allergen free (no corn source grain alcohol). As per the French Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, 60% alcohol content is needed for extracts to reach full potential. Gibberellins, a very important phytochemical cannot be fully extracted in the maceration if a high alcohol percentage is not used, due to its large molecular structure. Preparation: It was the belief, as per our founder of embryonic plant extracts, Dr. Pol Henry, water is necessary in the maceration of the extracts.  In actuality it is in fact a naturally occurring process and adding additional water, as was previously believed, is unnecessary.  The water originally believed needed is already contained in the alcohol and in the fresh plant materials.
PSC Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™  is bottled exclusively in a light filtering brown glass bottle with a  threaded organic100% rubber/latex dropper to ensure the correct dosage every time and to eliminate leakage.  For additional safety, the neck of each bottle is wrapped in a perforated plastic to ensure that every bottle you purchase is safety sealed.  Each bottle has an expiration date shelf life of five years.
Expanded Line:
PSC Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™ offers the most extensive product line of organic herbal extracts in the U.S. and Canada. The product line presently has over 62 concentrated plant stem cell extracts and in 2011, PSC Plant Stem Cell Nutrition™  will be adding an additional single plants and complexes.
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Cost Effectiveness of PSC
Cost Effective to the Last Drop
Herbal extracts are becoming more popular with patients and practitioners alike.  The growing popularity of using herbal extracts has become more than a passing fad – but slowly becoming integrated into traditional medicine.  While we do not particularly approve of using adult plant extracts to promote the well being of individuals, we do think it is a step in the right direction. 
The efficacy and the growing popularity of PSCs are growing more widespread every day.  While the most common things that you hear are of their potency and effectiveness, what isn’t being heard so clearly is of their cost-effectiveness as well.  Admittedly, it may not seem clear at first, but here is an example to shine a light on the matter.
Let us say someone is taking White Willow.  If they were to use the adult extract, they would need to take 30 drops, 3 times a day, for a total 90 drops a day, which is the recommended dosage.  That’s a total of 6300 drops in ten weeks.  Of one extract!
Using the embryonic form of White Willow, the recommended dosage is 3 drops, 3 times a day.  In the same 10 week period, this comes out only 630 drops – literally ten times less!
Here’s the numbers to make it easier to understand:
Retail price of 1, 15 ml PSC extract - $30
Retail price of 1 fl (30 ml) oz adult plant extract - $10
Now, let’s break it down to the drop itself.
PSC extracts: 225 drops per 15 ml bottle at $30 = 13.3 cents per drop.
Adult plant extracts: 550 drops per 30 ml bottle at $10 = 1.81 cents per drop.
It seems like the adult extracts are more cost effective, right?  But, as mentioned before, 10 weeks is the usual time period that is required to take an extract, and this is where the cost effectiveness of the PSC extracts really stands out:
630 drops x 13.3 cents = $83.79
6300 drops x 1.81 cents = $114.03
The difference?  $30.24 
Since no singular extract is a cure-all for everything, so people will need to take more than one extract…which can lead to unnecessarily spending hundreds of dollars on inferior products.
At PSC Distribution, we truly believe that our products can provide both superior quality and superior performance at an affordable price.
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