Experience Health, Inc. - Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan, DC, QNCP

Why Essential Oils? Essential oils are a safe, natural, cost effective and fast option for taking charge of your health. 

What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are compounds produced by plants.  We in turn can use these oils, extracted from the plants, to improve our on health and well-being.

How important is quality when it comes to essential oils?  Purity is Important!  To preserve the powerful components of the essential oils, plants must be carefully processed via steam distillation or cold pressing to extract the oils.  Many companies take short cuts, and use solvents to extract the oils.  These leave solvent residues behind, which are harmful to our bodies.  Companies will also dilute or cut the oils with other oils or synthetics... cutting corners on the power of the plants and your health. 

Dr. Elizabeth is available to teach classes about using essential oils.  See the class schedule in the next column, or feel free to call and ask us when the next class is! 

 Topics include
Reinventing Healthcare/Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Mood Management
Babies/Kids/Back to School
Pain Management

Please contact my office if you'd like to learn more about using essential oils to enhance your health and wellness.

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