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Holistic Approaches to Neurological Issues in Children ( ASD ( Autism spectrum disorder), ADD, ADHD, Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome…)
Quantum Neurology TM Rehabilitation and Autism and Down syndrome
Quantum Neurology TM is a very useful tool in the care of neurological issues.  The nervous system has sustained significant damage, from toxic burdens, heavy metals and viruses, and in the case of Trisomy 21 ( Down syndrome) gene over-expression.  Though the various biomedical approaches can be helpful,and are indeed necessary for the recovery of these children, they alone do not guarantee the healing of the nervous system in a functional way.  Quantum Neurology TM is a powerful too to speed up the healing of the nervous system, and to retrain the nervous system to function properly.
Quantum NeurologyTM Rehabilitation can be helpful in these aspects in children with neurological injury:
  • Motor System- help improve muscle tone, motor co-ordination (both global and fine motor skills)
  • Sensory System- improves issues with pain, sensitivity to hot/cold, disruptions with light and deep touch, vibration sense, pressure and proprioception
  • Cranial Nerves- eye movements and tracking, jaw and tongue thrusting, speech, facial expression, Cranial Nerve X, which is the gateway to the Parasympathetic Nervous System ( the part of the nervous system responsible for rest, digestion, and healing)
  • Visceral System- improves nerve supply to all organs and tissues of the body
  • Allergy Desensitization- of foods, airborne allergens, as well as enteric allergens (substances in the body that are causing an allergic like response, such as body fluids, heavy metals, infections, etc.)
  • Help balance "stimming"- the body's most current NeuroExpression TM
Strengthening the nervous system of these children will allow the body to recover at a much quicker rate. In Quantum Neurology TM Rehabilitation, light therapy is extensively used to stimulate the nervous system and activate neurological function, allowing the body to start doing more functions at once with less energy drain.  Light Therapy has been proven repeatedly to speed healing, facilitate detoxification, aid in the holding of manual and structural corrections, increased circulation, decreases inflammation and oxygenates tissues.
Remember, our bodies use light to communicate and to regulate all of the biochemical and biological processes of the body.  By using light therapy, we are putting more light into the body to speed healing.  Maybe we are also correcting a "light deficiency".  Either way, light therapy works.  It is very safe, effective...and works at the speed of light.
Dr. Elizabeth's Approach
  1. Use ART to determine what the stressors on the body are, and the appropriate treatment modalities used to correct those stressors (chiropractic care, nutrients, homeopathy, essential oil therapy, plant stem cell therapy, color etc.)
  2. Use various forms of chiropractic to address spinal subluxations (which interferes with the nervous system) as well as cranial subluxations and adjust with light force/kid friendly techniques like the "tickle gun" (Arthrostim)
  3. Use LED (Laser Energetic Detoxification) and Ion-Cleanse footbaths to help encourage faster and more effective detoxification
  4. Use Quantum Neurology TM to retrain and strengthen the nervous system in a functional capacity.

Coming soon!
More on using PSC Plant Stem  Cell Extracts in neurological injury.  Detoxify, repair and rejuvenation without the use of man-made, harsh interventions.  PSCs are a gently and effective way of dealing with the many factors in neurological injury cases.
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