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“Dr. Elizabeth is a dedicated practitioner of Health and Wellness Care. She is a student that never quits learning and a teacher that gives great insights and incredible techniques to her patients and Colleagues.”  D. Klinghardt, MD PhD
I have been seeing Dr. Elizabeth since 2002 for both chiropractic & nutritional services. She has a rare passion for her work & works on the cutting edge of the health field being at the forefront of whats new. She is highly informed, very intelligent, & professional yet comes from a space of the heart that is loving & nurturing, & you feel very safe with her. She has helped me overcome much of my personal health issues addressing various levels of health & healing, from detoxing, food allergies, emotional issues, chiropractic, diet choices, & more, & I feel much better as a result. I highly recommend her services. S.L.
“Dr. Elizabeth has been very instrumental in improving my health. When I first came to Dr. Elizabeth, I was tired due to toxicity and wrong nutritional choices. I have been working with her for the past two months and feel much better despite going through detox. Also, my energy level is improving, and I am losing weight. My overall demeanor has changed due to feeling much better. I have had much success with her and am recommending her to others. If you decide to give her a try, you will not be disappointed .”
Dr. Elizabeth is the most qualified Doctor I have ever worked with. I trust her with any issue in the Body, Mind connection field. I feel she is ahead of her time in the healing arts. I highly recommend her." D.H.
“Dr. Elizabeth is one of the most dedicated and driven Doctors of Chiropractic that I have ever known. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge will forever place her in the forefront of physicians. I can say with absolute certainty that if you go to see Dr. Elizabeth you will be in great hands and will be very happy with your experience.  M.F.
As a well informed mother of a Recovering Autistic child I work daily with high level parents and doctors that are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the world. We have a very important task, helping our injured children do better. It is my pleasure to be part of such a progressive think-tank that share highly effective treatments. Dr. Elizabeth is at the top of the list of highly regarded doctors, we feel so blessed to have her in this area. Her high level of training in multiple treatments, including her Chiropractic techniques, Cranial work, the highest level (3) training in Quantum Neurology (QN), and high level LED training puts her in a class above anyone, both nationally and internationally. In addition to her knowledge you will not find a nicer, more caring doctor!
     I have personally recommended Dr. Elizabeth to at least 14 different families that have seen her, some as far away as Hong Kong, West Virginia and California. I gladly recommend her knowing that the reports always come back positive. In addition to recommending her nationally, I have also recommended her to several of my best friends. They always come back to me with an appreciative Thank You. For example, one of my dear friends was in an auto accident. She did the usual Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and other treatments. She just kept feeling worse. I invited her to join me for my sons Quantum Neurology appointment. She told me, Iʼve seen what youʼve done with your son and made herself an appointment. It is so good to see her doing better! I have story after story of both adult friends and fellow recovering ASD children that needed a higher level of rehabilitation that had their need met with Dr. Elizabeth.
     Personally, after hearing great reports from parents on my group, I researched and decided this was a treatment that my son needed. I could not be more pleased with the results! He did several months of weekly Chiropractic, Cranial work, Quantum Neurology and LED detoxification, then went to a monthly maintenance appointment. Personally, I am very familiar with Chiropractic, myself having seen at least 4 other Chiropractors in the last 20 years which includes massage therapy and physical therapy for my own whiplash. Since 2 days after birth, my son has also seen 3 other Chiropractors at least twice a month, with many remarkable stories. There has been NO ONE as effective as Dr. Elizabeth. Her work with the Lasers exceeds anything else available. I have spent many, many hours researching the Lasers and her techniques and it is the most highly recommended, progressive tool available. The Lasers are used by NASA and are well documented for their effectiveness and progressiveness. Dr. Elizabeth is helping train and guide other doctors in these important techniques and protocols. She is one of the few that truly understands the importance of both rehabilitation and toxins. I am excited to see other doctors learn from her as she spear-heads these treatments nationally.
     I could go on and on with the things my group is experiencing and the research that weʼve done. Instead I must close with a Thank You, Dr. Elizabeth! I consider you one of my familyʼs biggest blessings!
With Much Appreciation,
"We love Dr. Elizabeth!"
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