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Trisomy 21/ Down syndrome

As the mother of a child with T21, I can easily relate to all aspects of caring for a child with this genetic condition.

When my child was disgnosed at 11 days old, I immediately used my vast network of resources, and launched into research, knowing that there was something I could do to help my child…and there is a lot you can do!

There are many health challenges that can be a result of the genes over-expressing in T21.  These include:
  • heart issues (congenital heart defects)
  • digestive issues
  • respiratory issues
  • immune issues (TMD/AML/ auto immune issues)
  • nervous system issues (processing, cranial nerve issues, cognitive issues, Alzheimer's prevention)
  • musculoskeletal issues (hypotonia)
  • endocrine issues- especially thyroid, adrenal and pituitary

Because of the human genome project and the mapping of chromosme 21, we know a lot about what genes are over-expressing and how this can effect people with Trisomy 21. 

However, each person is still a unique individual.  Therefore, with this in mind, an individualized approach and a customized protocol is needed for the support of Trisomy 21.  This includes

  • taking a detailed history
  • laboratory assessment
  • looking at current issues
  • energetic testing to see what the body needs assistance with, and to come up with a program specific to the individual needs, while addressing the different pieces of T21.

If you have just started learning about TNI (targeted nutritional intervention) or the use of supplements, and are looking for guidance, I'd love to help you out!
I offer a free 15 minute consultation, for us to see if we are a good match and to answer any initial questions.
~Dr. Elizabeth

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